Welcome To CheapestSubmissions.com: Your Affordable Web Promotion Solution. High Quality Manual Submission Service.


We are an affordable web promotion firm, but yet providing quality services and focusing on satisfying our customers’ needs.

Our firm’s main feature is that we’re offering affordable web promotion by providing quality manual directory submissions and manual article submissions. Anyone having a new site, planning to have one or simply wanting to improve SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) can get a lot of advantages out of our services.

Cheapest Submissions does not mean ‘cheap’ as in poor quality, but ‘affordable web promotion’ and quality services. Our target public is made of individual website owners, small businesses, web design & development companies, web hosting companies, SEO firms that are re-selling our services.

Manual directory submissions are very important as major search engines use directories in their algorithms. Actually Yahoo and MSN rely a lot on directories, that’s why it is not that difficult to achieve a top ranking for these search engines only by doing manual directory submissions.

Manual directory submissions are a good way of getting one way links to your site. Links play a very important role in determining your SERP on different search engines. Each one way link to your site is seen by Google for example as a vote for your site.
The more votes you have, better are the chances of achieving a good search engine position.
The quality of the site linking to yours is also very important. That’s why we have spent a lot of time constantly monitoring and choosing the highest quality directories. 

Manual directory submissions can help a lot those sites activating in extremely competitive fields, as the one way links listed in search engine friendly directories can help stabilize the website’s rankings when algorithm changes occur.

* Note: Manual directory submissions’ success depends a lot on the well done on-page optimization. A website having a poor quality on-page optimization does has fewer chances of achieving a good search engine ranking.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

Once you make the order, we’ll verify your sites’ details and contact you to let you know if everything’s OK. We’ll start the submission process right away and in the end you will get a full detailed Excel report containing the directories where your site has been submitted to, their Page Ranks, the exact category and the exact URL of where your link was submitted. Each site will be done in maximum 7 days.

How would I know that my site has been submitted?

It’s really simple to know that, as each directory sends an email confirmation. Considering the fact that the submission email (the email where all these confirmations go) is YOUR email, you will be able to see that your site has been submitted.
For an extra $10 we can offer print screens of each submission.

Do you use any software?

NO. We do not use any software, as there is no software which can choose the right category for each site, fill-in the forms with your site’s details and then copy/paste the URL’s in the Excel report. Software submissions are not as efficient as manual directory submissions as they may be seen as spam.

How long it will take before my links are listed?

A site’s listing depends on each directory and on their human editors. It may take between a day up to 2-3 months and the main cause is the fact that each directory receives a few hundreds of links each day and they all have to be reviewed.

What do you do in order to ensure that my site will be accepted?

Our staff is really experienced and we all respect each directory’s rules. Also, we let all our clients know that they have to avoid promotional and self-promotional language. The high quality of the site increases its chances of being accepted. We do not submit adult sites as they are not accepted.

When will I see the results?

Do not expect to see the results immediately as it takes some time to see the benefits of this service. First of all, the links are not all listed in the same time and it takes a while before that happens. The results will be seen a few months after the submission process. Effects depend a lot on your site’s on-page optimization